How to Buy a House Without a Realtor or Attorney: 2021 Guide

Image by Unsplash

The most popular way to buy a house is through a realtor or attorney. Each year, millions of properties are sold in this way. However, that doesn’t mean buying or selling through a realtor is your only option.

You can also purchase a home privately, and it’s much easier than you might think. If you’d like to avoid the stress of crowded open homes and the pressure of real estate agents, check out this 2021 guide below. 

Consider Your Preferred Property Type

Everyone has an idea of the properties they like and those they don’t. You may need something with at least three bedrooms, or you might not settle for less than two bathrooms and a garage. 

Before starting your property purchasing journey, think about what you want and become one of the millions of happy buyers in 2021. This may help you speed up the buying process and be in your new home before long. 

Approach a Professional Property Buyer and Seller

When you’re trying to avoid purchasing a home through a real estate agent, it can be worth your while to contact a professional property buyer who buys houses, fixes them, then sells them. 

Such professionals often buy properties from people who want to sell fast but will also take inquiries from interested buyers who wish to avoid the entire real estate agent process.

By making contact to describe your preferences, they can browse their current property inventory to see if they have something that suits your needs. 

Finance a Private Purchase

One of the many reasons some prospective homeowners want to avoid the public market is that they don’t qualify for a traditional mortgage. This might be because they’ve had a career change or don’t meet other bank criteria. 

When you buy through a professional buyer, you have a wealth of options at your disposal. Many of these companies pride themselves on being able to offer creative financing solutions, such as owner-to-owner finance.

This lending structure can be beneficial for both sellers and buyers as it eliminates the need for a bank. 

Once you have been approved for finance, generally by having regular income and being able to afford monthly payments, your chosen company will finance the property and transfer the deed into your name with a 30-year fixed-rate term. 

Owner to Owner Financing vs. Traditional Financing

With the outcome of both owner-to-owner financing and traditional financing being a home purchase, you might be wondering how the two options differ. There are two key differences. 

A professional home buyer and seller like Patriot Deed Buyers has the freedom to approve and finance mortgage notes for homebuyers without bank approval. When you purchase a home through such a company, you also get to choose from off-market properties that you won’t see on a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). 

As a result, you won’t need to pay expensive realtor commissions or loan origination points, which are fees for evaluating, processing, and approving loans. 

You deserve to live the American dream, so don’t let a bank’s strict criteria hold you back. Contact Patriot Deed Buyers to learn more about your financing options and see if your dream home is waiting in the wings.