Everyone deserves a shot at the American Dream. Take yours with Patriot Deed Buyers.

Patriot Deed Buyers specializes in using creative finance techniques to achieve win-win-win outcomes for everybody. Let us know how we can help you sell your home or buy the home of your dreams with owner financing.
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We Buy Houses. Any Condition.

Sell your house for fast anywhere in Texas to Patriot Deed Buyers for a top of the market cash bid. We will work with you to structure a fair offer that gets you as much as market will bear. We can also structure the deal based on cash monthly payments over time creating a steady monthly income stream for you.


We Offer Seller-Financing.

Purchase your home with Creative Financing from Patriot Deed Buyers. Are you emloyed but can’t qualify for a traditional bank mortgage? No worries. We provide funding within our network of private investors to get you approved to buy a home anywhere in Texas.


Invest/ Partner with Patriot Deed Buyers.

Inquire about our real estate investment opportunities that can generate you cashflow on your way to achieving your financial goals. Patriot Investors earn monthly cashflow, minimize their risk and earn exceptional returns while helping people achieve the American Dream.


Looking for Wholesalers and Cash Investors.

Got a great deal on property in the USA or a deal you can’t find a buyer for? Patriot Deed Buyers partners with wholesalers to move their house or land deals fast and for top dollar. We specialize in creating win-win situations for everybody. Ask us today how we can JV with you!

Sell Your Home Quickly

(No Lowball Offers Here)
What are the Advantages for Selling to Patriot Deed Buyers?
  • No Commissions with a Real Estate Agent
  • We accept your property AS-IS
  • Top of the market bids, Literally!
  • We make Cash and Creative Finance Offers!
  • FAST Closings! In as little as 7 Days
  • Foreclosure? We can close fast and/or pay the arrears
  • Liens?  No Worries
  • Probate or Affidavit of Heirship? We are here to help
  • Evictions or Bad Tennants? Ask Patriot for an offer
  • Distressed or Fire Damaged Property?  Perfect… we will buy it
  • We also buy vacant land
Need to Sell Your Home or Property Fast and for a Fair Price?

When you sell your property to Patriot Realty and Title Investors, you eliminate many of the expenses typically paid out by property owners. We will work with you to ensure that any liens, code enforcement, arrearages with the lender, back taxes, HOA, etc. are reconciled and paid off so that you’re left with much more cash in your pocket.

Forget waiting for 30to180 Days with an Agent. We can close as fast as the law allows upon your acceptcance of our offer or allow additional time to find your next home… We are flexable

End the expense and stress of past due mortgages, overdue utility bills, burdensome property taxes, mandatory insurance payments and costly repairs for a property that you can no longer afford to own. Instead of waiting an average of 90 days to sell your home the traditional way, you can sell your Texas property fast to Patriot Realty and Title Investors and walk away with the cash you need in days, not months.

Buy an Owner Financed Home

(Can’t Qualify for a Mortgage? We Can Help)
Don’t Qualify for a Conventional Bank Mortgage? Give us a call and we will find, buy and then Owner to Owner Finance YOU on your next home with a 30 year Fixed rate term!
  • Patriot will get you approved, finance the property and then transfer the deed to you
  • We finance our clients with completly Off-Market inventory
  • We network with other  investors to find exactly what you’re looking for
  • Stated Income? Career Change? ITIN or permanent resident?  OK!
  • Everybody has the right to buy a house, land or investment property in the U.S.A.!
  • Give us a call Today!
How Can I Qualify?

You can likely get approved to purchase one of our seller financed properties in Texas if you have regular income. The first step is reaching out to us to discuss your situation. All of our buyers go through an underwriting process to ensure you are able to afford the monthly payment and to ensure our loans comply with federal regulations. Contact us to get started and find out how much you can qualify for!

How Is Buying From Patriot Different from a Traditional Mortgage?

Getting a seller-financed home from Patriot Deed Buyers is very similar to getting a traditional mortgage, with a few key differences. Patriot has the freedom to approve and finance mortgage notes for our buyers without bank approvals. Our inventory is off-market and not listed on the MLS, so you won’t pay realtor commissions or points for loan origination, or any additional upfront points for that matter. We keep things simple.

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…one of the most dedicated people I have ever worked with.

Bryan is one of the most dedicated people I have ever worked with. He will navigate all options before making his wise decisions. He is a great asset to anybody he is working for.

Alireza Haghshenas

…he is hard working, incredibly knowledgable.

It was a pleasure to work with Bryan. Bryan was very helpful in growing his business and mine as well. He is hard working, incredibly knowledgeable , and the ultimate professional. I would recommend him for any company.

Sean Mahoney

…outgoing, easy to work with, family man.

Bryan serves as an outgoing, easy to work with family man. I see Bryan at a time most of you do not - at church. You can see his love and concern for his family and concern for integrity and honesty.

Robert Koch

…born leader and a man of great integrity.

Bryan is a business driver. His goal is to always smash the sales plan and he has been very successful at it. He’s a born leader and a man of great integrity. Bryan has a wealth of business knowledge with the ability to create and effectively implement a business plan. He is relentless in pursuit of company goals and can be counted on to always get the job done. Bryan is a proven winner and a great asset.

Harry Williams

…resourceful, talented and experienced professional with a passion for results.

Bryan is a resourceful, talented and experienced professional with a passion for results. He impressed me. His ideas illustrate a deep understanding of the industry in general. His skills as a negotiator are exceptional, he knows his business inside and out, and uses his skills and creativity to drive sales and produce results. I recommend him fully.

Andy Valbert

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Bryan is a very skilled professional who is driven and pursues the best at everything he does; not only through personal discipline but also by growing those around him. Having him on the team was a valuable addition and brought noticeable benefit with his thorough knowledge & understanding of the process. I believe Bryan is one of the most professional people I have worked in my 16+ years. 

Derrick W.

…his work ethic and knowledge base should never be questioned.

Bryan has developed into a very professional individual. He takes pride in whatever the job is at hand, and does it in a professional manner. His work ethic and knowledge base should never be questioned. I would recommend Bryan to anyone.

Delisle Doherty

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Bryan is a straight-shooter. He can be hard as nails and drives a very hard bargain. Yet, he is inherently likable and very honest. I give Bryan an outstanding recommendation!

Roberty Barry

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Minou Arefipour

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Semira is very intelligent and motivated to do her job and then some. She is always willing to take on the tough job and succeed with it. Semira is a dedicated and hard working person with skills to match her tenacity. She is someone I would recommend to any employers that are looking for someone they can depend on.

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quickly maneuver through any problem, hard worker, looking to progress

Semira has shown the ability to quickly maneuver through any problem in her path. Semira is a quick learner and a hard worker. I would recommend her for any position within any company looking to progress.

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Semira demonstrates leadership and professionalism in all that she does

Semira is a highly motivated individual that demonstrates leadership and professionalism in all that she does. I have had the pleasure of working with Semira and have personally seen her dedication and passion turn a key customer account from red to green in a limited amount of time. A true professional.

Guy Saez
Director of Quality

“…As a man is said to have a right to his property, he may be equally said to have a property in his rights.”

~James Madison

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Seller Financing Legal? It sounds too good to be true.

Absolutely. Property owners create loans on terms for Real Property every day around the world and has been one of the best kept secrets that the banks aren’t advertising. Every one of our deals and contracts are written by a real estate attorney who specializes in seller-financed notes, mortgages and creative real estate lending solutions.

How do I get paid if I sell you my house or property?

In most situations, we will make a couple of different offers, depending on what matters to you, the seller. We offer one-time cash payments payable immediately at closing and we offer monthly payment options. If you opt to receive monthly payments, that makes our job a lot easier (and a lot less riskier) so we are able to make you a larger offer. Specific terms regarding a cash payment, down-payment and monthly payments are negotiable and depend on your specific situation and needs.

How can you possibly help me buy a home if my bank can't?

Banks operate differently than we do. They answer to Wall Street investors, like institutional investment funds, who only care about profit and risk-management. On the other hand, we work with smaller, private investors who have given us much more leeway to issue notes and mortgages. As long as you can afford the monthly installments and have a down payment , we can help you out.

Aren't you like all the other "we buy houses fast" type guys?

Not at all. Many of the ads you see on Craigslist or on the side of the road asking to buy your property for fast cash are put there by people who fix and flip properties. They make their money by low balling a desperate seller, then flipping the deal to an investor, or fixing the property themselves and selling it or renting it on the “retail” market.

On the other hand, our model is based around creative finance solutions. While we do often have to fix up a property to prepare it to be sold, we make most of our money on the interest rate and monthly payments made to us by the eventual buyer. Because we offer financial solutions, we are able to pay more for your property.

How is this different from getting a loan from the bank?

At the end of the day, it is very similar. Whether you buy a home from us with our financing, or get a home loan from the bank, you’ll still be making monthly payments towards the principle, monthly payments towards the interest, and if you start missing payments, you may eventually be evicted.

That being said, we are able to qualify many more people than the bank can. As long as you work, have regular income, you don’t even need a Social Security Number to qualify. So the real question you should be asking yourself, is “Would you rather have no down-payment or a lower month payment?”

Can I buy a house from you if I have an ITIN or bad credit?

Yes you can, as long as you can prove that you have stable income and can afford the monthly payment.

We believe people are more than just their credit score and everybody believes a shot at the American Dream.

Is there an underwriting process?

Yes, you will be asked to submit documents to an RMLO to create your debt to income ratio just like a bank.  This is to ensure we meet all government regulation and documentation required for creating a mortgage for you. We ensure that you can afford the monthly payments in adherance with the law of the land.

How do I get started?

Contact us!!!

Call us at 833-331-3278 or fill out any of the contact forms on the page to get an immediate response from us!

You Can Achieve the American Dream!

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